Analysis of instability in homozygous descendents of kr2.3 (A), kr2.7 (B) and kr2.10 (C).

2013-02-21T07:12:14Z (GMT) by Anna E. Sheppard Jeremy N. Timmis
<p>Each box represents a seed capsule. Where one number is shown, it indicates the percentage of kanamycin resistant progeny from a backcross to male wildtype. Where two numbers are shown, that flower was used for both self-fertilisation and backcrossing to female wildtype. The numbers indicate the percentage of kanamycin resistant progeny from self-fertilisation and backcrossing respectively. Each number represents approximately 100–150 seeds which were tested for kanamycin resistance. Lines represent branches (not to scale) and are included to show the branching pattern of the plants from which individual seed capsules were progeny tested. ND not determined.</p>