Analysis of combined sneezing and nasal discharge data in A/Cal infected ferrets treated with 300 µg of active 244 DI virus (▪) or 300 µg of inactivated (i) 244 DI virus (▴).

<p>The horizontal line indicates the mean: 244 DI virus mean was 10.45%; inactivated 244 DI virus mean was 22.73%. The values are the occurrence of sneezing and nasal discharge events in each group over the 14 days of observation. The scores were assigned 10% for each individual event such that all 5 ferrets were positive for both sneezing and nasal discharge would be scored as 100%; a.m. and p.m. assessments are separate. Zero was only scored when the other group was positive. The p value was determined using a one tailed Mann-Whitney U test.</p>