Amount of copy number (CN)-altered genome and frequency of recurrent CN-altered genes.

Panel A shows box plots with the distribution of tumors (n = 31) according to the percentage of total, deleted, or amplified CN-altered genome (CN-AG). Panel B shows the distribution of tumors, grouped as low (n = 11), medium (n = 10), and high (n = 10) according to the percentage of global and 3q CN-AG. The horizontal lines inside the boxes represent the median (solid) and average (dotted), and the whiskers represent the minimum and maximum values within the 1.56 interquartile range from the end of the box. Values outside this range are represented by black circles. The decline in the accumulated frequency of recurrent CN-altered genes, as increase the number of tumors that shared the same altered gene, is shown for the whole genome (Panel C) or for chromosomes with significant high %CN-AG (Panel D). Combined genes are those that were deleted in some and amplified in other tumors.