Alterations detected in the K22 resistant variants of HCoV-229E.

a<p>Detected by comparison of the nucleotide sequences of HCoV-229E subjected to 10–13 passages in the presence of K22 including its plaque purified variants A-R with those of initial virus or mock-passaged virus (accession number KF293665).</p>b<p>Plaque purified HCoV-229E that served as initial material for the virus passages.</p>c<p>IC50 (µM).</p>d<p>Fold resistance to K22 as related to initial virus is shown in parentheses.</p>e<p>Virus preparation and its plaque purified variants M-R obtained in separate K22 selection experiment.</p>f<p>The virus used for preparation of recombinant nsp6 mutants.</p>g<p>K22 resistant recombinant viruses.</p>