Alignment of the genomic island PPHGI-1 from <i>P. syringae</i> pv <i>phaseolicola</i> 1302A

<p><b>(Accession # AJ870974) with similar islands in PSA strains CFBP7286 (Italy), CH2010-6 (China), and MAFF302091 (Japan).</b> Genomic regions of PSA strains were aligned with PPHGI-1 using BLASTN and visualized using the Artemis comparison tool <a href="" target="_blank">[56]</a>. Positions of PCR products that distinguish the island present in strain CH2010-6 and MAFF302091 from the island present in strain CFBP7286 are indicated by two yellow and one orange rectangle respectively. content differences within the islands of strains CFBP7286 and CH2010-6 compared to the MAFF302091 genome are listed in <a href="" target="_blank">Table S5</a>.</p>




CC BY 4.0