Akt regulators accumulate in <i>Salmonella</i> induced ruffles.

<p>HeLa cells were transfected with plasmids encoding epitope-tagged proteins as indicated. After 20 hr they were infected with <i>Salmonella</i> for 30 min, then fixed and processed for immunofluorescence microscopy. GFP-HA-Akt transfected cells were stained for <i>Salmonella</i> LPS (Cy5) and phospho Akt Ser473 (AF568: A–C), Myc (AF568: D–F) or 3×FLAG (AF568: J–L). Cells expressing PDK1-Myc (G–I) were stained for LPS (Cy5), Myc (AF488) and actin filaments (phalloidin-AF568) to reveal the ruffles.</p>