Adult <i>ZAS3</i> knockout mice exhibit decreased number of osteoclasts.

<p>Sagittal sections of femora from 1-month-old mice (A to D) or 4-month-old mice (E to H) stained with H & E (A, C, E and G) or stained for TRAP (B, D, F and H). (I) and (J) Higher magnifications of femora of 4-month-old mice stained with TRAP. Note that the number of osteoclasts (cells stained red and indicated with arrows) in WT mice (I) was more abundant than that of KO mice (J). (K) Western blot analysis of protein lysates of bone marrow stromal cells with indicated antibodies. +/+ <i>ZAS3</i> WT mice, −/− <i>ZAS3</i> KO mice, and +/− heterozygous ZAS3 mice.</p>