Adoptive transfer of NK cells does not alter pulmonary fibrosis in BIPF.

2014-06-12T03:16:24Z (GMT) by Justin Monnier Brian A. Zabel

(A) Recipient mice were injected with 1 million purified donor NK cells 12 h prior to bleomycin injection. (B, C) On day 21 leukocytes from BAL fluid, lungs, and spleen were collected, quantified, and stained with specific antibodies for leukocytes (CD45), NK cells (DX5), and T cells (TCRβ) and analyzed by flow cytometry. (D, E) Soluble collagen levels in BAL fluid and lung homogenates were measured by Sircol assay; total protein content was measured by BCA assay. Mean ± SEM of n = 5 mice per group; ** p<0.01 by t-test.