Admp and Gdf1/3-like signaling cooperatively regulates neural fate.

2013-10-03T01:46:33Z (GMT) by Naoyuki Ohta Yutaka Satou
<p>Expression of (A, C, E, G) <i>Otx</i> and (B, D, F, H) <i>Nodal</i> in 32-cell embryos injected with MOs for (A, B) <i>Admp</i> and <i>Gdf1/3</i>, (E, F) <i>Smad1/5</i> and (G, H) <i>Smad2/3b</i>, and (C, D) in 32-cell embryos treated with dorsomorphin. Ectopic expression is indicated by red arrowheads. Expression in a6.5 and b6.5 is indicated by black arrowheads, and cryptic expression in a6.7 is indicated by black arrows. Expression in vegetal cells is indicated by blue arrowheads. All embryos are shown in an animal view. The expression of <i>Otx</i> and <i>Nodal</i> in each panel is depicted. Cells with ectopic expression are colored by red. The expression in a6.5, a6.7 and b6.5 is indicated by dark gray. The scale bar in (A) represents 100 µm.</p>



CC BY 4.0