Admp and Gdf1/3-like do not affect FGF/ERK signaling.

2013-10-03T01:46:33Z (GMT) by Naoyuki Ohta Yutaka Satou
<p>Expression of (A) <i>Fgf9/16/20</i> and (B) <i>EphrinA-d</i> in <i>Admp/Gdf</i> morphants at the 16-cell stage. (C) Immunostaining of dpERK in an <i>Admp/Gdf</i> morphant at the 32-cell stage. The embryo in (A) is shown in a vegetal view and the embryos in (B) and (C) are shown in an animal view. The scale bar in (A) represents 100 µm.</p>



CC BY 4.0