Adjusted odds ratios for severe maternal morbidity by ethnic group.

†<p>Body mass index at the time of booking OR  =  odds ratio aOR  =  adjusted odds ratio CI  =  Confidence Interval ANC  =  Antenatal Care 1 denotes the baseline comparison group the non-white (non-Asian) group included women from any other black background and other ethnic groups such as Hispanics/Latin Americans.</p><p>Model-1: adjusted for anaemia in current pregnancy, diabetes in current pregnancy, previous pregnancy problems, pre-existing medical problems and parity.</p><p>Model-2: adjusted for all variables included in model-1, smoking and inadequate utilization of ANC services.</p><p>Model-3: adjusted for variables included in models 1 and 2 plus socioeconomic status.</p><p>Model-4: all variables included in models 1, 2 and 3 plus age and BMI.</p>