Adherent mucilage width and cellulose labelling are reduced in floating mucilage-releasing (FMR) accessions.

<p>Ruthenium red staining of pectins (<i>A</i>) to (<i>C</i>) and Pontamine S4B staining of cellulose (<i>D</i>) to (<i>I</i>) in the adherent mucilage released from imbibed seeds of wild-type Col-0 (<i>A</i>), (<i>D</i>) and (<i>G</i>), <i>cesa5-1</i> (<i>B</i>), (<i>E</i>) and (<i>H</i>), and the FMR accession Rak-1 (<i>C</i>), (<i>F</i>) and (<i>I</i>). (<i>G</i>) to (<i>I</i>) are magnifications of regions in (<i>D</i>) to (<i>F</i>), respectively. Images (<i>D</i>) to (<i>G</i>) are shown using the Rainbow2 look-up table. Bars = 150 µm (<i>A</i>) to (<i>F</i>) or 20 µm (<i>G</i>) to (<i>I</i>). C, Columella; o, outer cell wall; r, radial cell wall.</p>