Activation energies (<i>Ea</i>) of water transport in <i>V. vinifera</i> aquaporins expressed in yeast.

<p>(A) Arrhenius plot of <i>P<sub>f</sub></i> at temperature range (9–37°C), where T is temperature in Kelvin. <i>Ea</i> was evaluated from the slopes. Strains expressing <i>Vv</i>TnPIP1;4, <i>Vv</i>TnTIP4;1 and empty plasmid (pUG35) showed steeper slope, while strains expressing <i>Vv</i>TnPIP2;1, <i>Vv</i>TnTIP1;1 and <i>Vv</i>TnTIP2;2 exhibited shallow slope. (B) Calculated <i>Ea</i> from the slope showed that <i>Vv</i>TnPIP2;1, <i>Vv</i>TnTIP1;1 and <i>Vv</i>TnTIP2;2 expressing strains exhibited lower <i>Ea</i>, while <i>Vv</i>TnPIP1;4, <i>Vv</i>TnPIP2;3 and <i>Vv</i>TnTIP4;1 expressing strains showed were almost equal to control strain (pUG35). Data are mean ± SD of three independent experiments with at least five traces (ten traces in case of <i>P<sub>f</sub></i> at 23°C) at each temperature.</p>