Acquisition of radiolabeled heme by <i>P.berghei</i> and <i>P.falciparum</i> in short-term cultures.

<p><i>P.berghei</i>-infected reticulocytes were isolated from mice infected with WT and KO parasites. Infected reticulocytes were also isolated after CQ treatment. Radiolabeling of <i>P. berghei</i> and <i>P. falciparum</i> with [4-<sup>14</sup>C]ALA in short-term cultures was carried out as described in <a href="" target="_blank">Materials and Methods</a>. Radiolabeling of total parasite heme, hemozoin and mitochondrial cytochrome complex were assessed with (+) and without (−) succinyl acetone (SA) treatment. (A) Radiolabeling of total parasite heme. (B) Radiolabeling of hemozoin-heme. (C–E) Radiolabeling of parasite mitochondrial cytochrome complex. (F,G) Radiolabeling of hemozoin-heme and mitochondrial cytochrome complex after chloroquine (CQ) treatment. Equal numbers of infected reticulocytes were used to perform the radiolabeling of <i>Pb</i>FCKO parasites and the data obtained for CQ treatment were compared with untreated control. (H–J) Radiolabeling of total heme, hemozoin-heme and mitochondrial cytochrome complex in <i>P.falciparum</i>. <i>Pb</i>, <i>P. berghei</i>; <i>Pf</i>, <i>P. falciparum.</i></p>