Acquisition of radiolabeled heme by P.berghei and P.falciparum in short-term cultures.

P.berghei-infected reticulocytes were isolated from mice infected with WT and KO parasites. Infected reticulocytes were also isolated after CQ treatment. Radiolabeling of P. berghei and P. falciparum with [4-14C]ALA in short-term cultures was carried out as described in Materials and Methods. Radiolabeling of total parasite heme, hemozoin and mitochondrial cytochrome complex were assessed with (+) and without (−) succinyl acetone (SA) treatment. (A) Radiolabeling of total parasite heme. (B) Radiolabeling of hemozoin-heme. (C–E) Radiolabeling of parasite mitochondrial cytochrome complex. (F,G) Radiolabeling of hemozoin-heme and mitochondrial cytochrome complex after chloroquine (CQ) treatment. Equal numbers of infected reticulocytes were used to perform the radiolabeling of PbFCKO parasites and the data obtained for CQ treatment were compared with untreated control. (H–J) Radiolabeling of total heme, hemozoin-heme and mitochondrial cytochrome complex in P.falciparum. Pb, P. berghei; Pf, P. falciparum.