Abundance ratios of photic to aphotic related COGs.

(A) Mean abundance ratios of photic to aphotic related COGs for datasets from the reference water columns, the Iquique water column, and from single-depth datasets. This analysis was initially determined using the 82-COG global-core, depth-related reference set, as described in Materials and Methods. Applying the ratios for the photic and aphotic datasets from the reference water columns, ratio ranges (mean±two SD) were established to indicate photic or aphotic functional genomic content enrichment. Mean abundance ratios for the Iquique water column and the single-depth datasets were calculated to verify their balance between photic and aphotic related biological functions. The arrows at the top of the diagram indicate the approximate depth of the boundary between photic and aphotic zones in each water column (fig. 1B). (B) Normalized abundance of the deoxyribodipyrimidine photolyase gene (COG0415; table S4A in file S1) in the 24 datasets obtained from the indicated depths. The average normalized abundance was calculated for the photic and for the aphotic groups of datasets. The bars represent two SD of the mean.