Ablation of Treg cell leads to decreased fungal loads and diminished dissemination.

<p>(A) Groups of five C57BL/6Foxp3<sup>GFP</sup> mice were given anti-CD25 or control IgG antibodies and inoculated with 10<sup>6</sup><i>P</i>. <i>brasiliensis</i> yeast cells. The frequency of lung-derived CD4<sup>+</sup>CD25<sup>+</sup> cells at weeks 2 and 10 post-infection is indicated. (B) Frequency and number of conventional CD4<sup>+</sup> T cells as well as of Treg cells in the lungs at weeks 2 and 10 after infection following administration of control IgG or anti-CD25 antibody. Bars represent mean ± SD of three independent experiments with four to six mice per group (** <i>p</i> < 0.005; *** <i>p</i> < 0.001). (C) Fungal burden in organs of mice infected with Pb18 and treated with anti-CD25 or control IgG, after 2 (left) and 10 (right) weeks of infection. Horizontal bars indicate the mean value in each group (**<i>p</i> < 0.05, ***<i>p</i> < 0.005; n ≥ 15).</p>