<i>A. fumigatus</i> isolate Af5517 is less virulent than Af293 in an animal model of pulmonary IA.

<p>Neutropenic BALB/c mice were infected with 2×10<sup>6</sup> (circles) or 5×10<sup>6</sup> (squares) conidia of isolates Af293 (closed symbols) or Af5517 (open symbols). (<b>A</b>) Survival curves depict death or moribund status for experimental animals over the course of the experiment. (<b>B</b>) Fungal burden of mice infected with 5×10<sup>6</sup> conidia of Af293 (closed symbols) or Af5517 (open symbols) was determined by quantification of fungal 18S rDNA. (<b>C,D</b>) Disease scores of mice infected with 2×10<sup>6</sup> (<b>C</b>) or 5×10<sup>6</sup> (<b>D</b>) conidia. Mice were scored daily for progression of disease as described in Materials and Methods. Graphed data depicts the summary of two experiments with 5–8 mice per group in panels A, C, and D. *p<0.05. ****p<0.0001.</p>