A TRIM5-CypA transcript of macaques is generated by alternative splicing.

<p>A. Messenger RNA sequence spanning the junction between the TRIM5 exon-6 and CypA sequences. B. Predicted amino-acid sequence of rhesus TRIM5-CypA aligned with pig-tailed macaque TRIM5-CypA and owl monkey TRIMCyp. Residues that differ from rhesus TRIM5-CypA are highlighted in blue. The region encoded by exon-7 is boxed in red; as the result of alternative splicing, this sequence is present in owl monkey TRIMCyp, but is missing from old world monkey TRIM5-CypA. C. Cartoon depicting predicted protein sequences of the old world monkey TRIM5-CypA protein (top), the owl monkey TRIM-Cyp protein (middle) and wild type primate TRIM5α (bottom).</p>