A–C: Imprinting of IGF2R in tissues of Bos taurus concepti recovered on Day 80 post fertilization.

(A) Example of informative fetal and parental IGF2R microsatellite genotypes that allowed unequivocal identification of parental origin of alleles (boxed). (B) Examples of allelic expression levels (boxed, allele size at the top) determined for tissues from two heterozygous concepti. (C) Mean IGF2R allelic expression bias, i.e. expression of the paternal allele relative to the predominantly expressed maternal allele, in different tissues. Analysis of variance showed a significant tissue effect (F-test P<0.001) on allelic expression bias and least square means with standard errors of least square means were calculated for each tissue. Significant differences (t-tests) between tissues that originate from different cell lineages are indicated. *: P<0.05, ***: P<0.001.