A–C: Imprinting of <i>IGF2R</i> in tissues of <i>Bos taurus</i> concepti recovered on Day 80 post fertilization.

<p>(<b>A</b>) Example of informative fetal and parental <i>IGF2R</i> microsatellite genotypes that allowed unequivocal identification of parental origin of alleles (boxed). (<b>B</b>) Examples of allelic expression levels (boxed, allele size at the top) determined for tissues from two heterozygous concepti. (<b>C</b>) Mean <i>IGF2R</i> allelic expression bias, i.e. expression of the paternal allele relative to the predominantly expressed maternal allele, in different tissues. Analysis of variance showed a significant tissue effect (<i>F</i>-test <i>P</i><0.001) on allelic expression bias and least square means with standard errors of least square means were calculated for each tissue. Significant differences (<i>t</i>-tests) between tissues that originate from different cell lineages are indicated. *: <i>P</i><0.05, ***: <i>P</i><0.001.</p>