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(3 + 2)-Annulation of p‑Quinamine and Aryne: A Strategy To Construct the Multisubstituted Hydrocarbazoles

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posted on 28.06.2017, 12:40 by Dengyu Xu, Yulong Zhao, Dengpeng Song, Zhuliang Zhong, Shangbiao Feng, Xingang Xie, Xiaolei Wang, Xuegong She
A strategy for the synthesis of multisubstituted hydrocarbazoles has been developed through (3 + 2)-annulation of p-quinamines and arynes. In this way, new analogs of hydrocarbazoles with quaternary carbon center can be synthesized in satisfactory yield under mild conditions. Furthermore, this (3 + 2)-annulation can be easily scaled-up, and the products can be modified through simple transformation.