Drosophila Ovarioles imaged using confocal fluorescence microscopy

The attached tiff file contains a 3D volume showing drosophila ovarioles stained with DAPI and fluorescently imaged on Leica SP5 confocal microscope using a 20x NA NA0.7 objective and a 405nm laser for excitation.

The acquisition was performed as multiple, overlapping Z-stacks using the Leica Matrix Screener software. The acquired tiles were converted to Big Data Viewer format using a Python script (https://github.com/VolkerH/LeicaMatrixScreener2BigStitcher) and then stitched using the Big Stitcher Fiji plugin. The voxel spacing is 0.445 micrometers in x and y and 8.5 micrometers in z direction.

Sample preparation was perfomed by Andre Nogueira Alves from th Christen Mirth Lab at Monash University. Imaging was performed jointly by Andre Nogueira Alves and Volker Hilsenstein at Monash Micro Imaging. Data processing and stitching was performed by Volker Hilsenstein.