Tyrannosaurus SIMM musculoskeletal model

This folder consists of the SIMM model files for the MOR555 T. rex specimen (now at Smithsonian) used in the following paper:
Hutchinson, J.R., Anderson, F.C., Blemker, S., Delp, S.L. 2005. Analysis of hindlimb muscle moment arms in Tyrannosaurus rex using a three-dimensional musculoskeletal computer model. Paleobiology 31:676-701. doi: 10.1666/04044.1

It includes these files:
1) A "bones" folder with .ASC format polygonal meshes at low resolution, as described in the above paper. Additional left leg files were generated as well as the third toe.
2) .jnt and .msl files ("trex J42" and "trex M42") that are used by proprietary SIMM software (version 7.0) to run the model; these can be opened as text files in typical text applications.
3) A snapshot of the SIMM model.

Note that the SIMM model has undergone minor changes from the 2005 paper's model, but these are fairly trivial (except as noted above).

SIMM software is commercial and available at: http://www.musculographics.com/html/products/SIMM.html
The model can, in theory, be imported into the free, open source musculoskeletal modelling package OpenSim, but there may be file conversion issues. See http://opensim.stanford.edu/ for more information.



CC BY 4.0