Zeitgeist Vancouver

2019-10-06T14:50:16Z (GMT) by John Hannan Caylee Raber Emily Ellis
In early 2018, design students came together with long-term care facility residents to co-write and also co-design a series of small publications that would focus on the life and experiences of the residents. Small groups of 2-3 students were paired with 1-3 residents and asked to produce a mini- publication over a series of 6 meetings. Entitled Zeitgeist, this project brings together students, residents, their families and care facility staff, creating the opportunity for meaning exchange and interaction between all parties. It can offer residents a voice and opportunity for true creative expression and stimulation through meaningful activities, while simultaneously providing a rich community-based learning experience for design students. Zeitgeist Vancouver was inspired by the Zeitgeist Kollektiv, a public editorial design and storytelling project within a care facility in Zurich, led by Carolyn Kerchof and Martina Regli.



CC BY 4.0