Young Star Animations 2015

2015-05-15T02:08:25Z (GMT) by Adric Riedel
<p>What's plotted here are the MOTIONS of the nearby young moving group stars. This means that, regardless of where they are in space, if they're on parallel paths, they'll plot near each other.</p> <p>On a plot of space motion, stars in a group appear scattered through space. On THIS plot, all the moving groups show up as clumps of stars all roughly moving together, and can be picked out even before I add the Zuckerman & Song (2004) "good box" or colorize the points by moving group. Bona-fide (i.e. definite) members of the groups are briefly plotted as much larger points.</p> <p>In this video, U is toward the Galactic Center, V is in the direction of motion, and W is motion toward the North Galactic Pole.</p> <p>Both the normal (uvw_w.mp4) and double-speed (uvw_f.mp4) versions are available.</p> <p>These figures are generated from the Catalog of Suspected Young Stars as used in Riedel et al. (in prep)</p>