Yokohama Specie Bank flow-of-funds data, 1893-1908 (simplified version) [multiple file formats, including .xslx, .csv, and .pdf]. These matrices contain calculations of the amounts of funds transferred, converted into Japanese yen.

2017-02-13T16:12:24Z (GMT) by Michael Schiltz
This fileset contains half-yearly flow-of-funds data for the branch network of the Yokohama Specie Bank between 1893 and 1908. Data has been organized into matrices.
This set is the 'simplified' one, i.e. shows totals of 'amounts transferred'; totals are in Japanese yen.

These matrices have formed the basis for visualizations in social network analysis (SNA) software packages, as, for instance, UCINet, Pajek, Gephi, and the igraph-package in R.