Y-chromosome Haplogroup J-M172 subclades update with primary SNPs

2015-12-23T15:40:45Z (GMT) by Christian Rottensteiner
<p>Combined J2 Phylogeny from almost all available public and DTC sources. Included are ca. 240 informative subclades (pre Middle Age) as well as more recent haplogroups (low-diversity/Middle Age or Clans/Surnames). The phylogeny is available as Tree with primary SNPs (searchable PDF) and Spreadsheet with details for the selected primary SNPs. <br>This data is an output of the constantly updated online J2-M172 Research Tree simplified which is based on the J2-M172_spreadsheet. This citizen science research is done voluntarily by the author with the support of many others in the J2-M172 Haplogroup research and affiliated research. <br>ISOGG J-Haplogroup update submissions are planned to be based on this work and include equivalent SNPs.</p>