Writing a DMP - workshop materials

2017-06-12T14:17:56Z (GMT) by Georgina Parsons
Materials used in face-to-face DMP training. Includes the PowerPoint 2013 presentation and handout, as well as six sample DMPs and Excel 2013 file of bingo cards used in the "DMP Bingo" exercise. <br><br>The bingo game was developed with thanks to Megan O'Donnell (link to original set in 'references' field) . Further instructions/info is in the spreadsheet and presentation.<br><br>Updated 2017-06-12 to add DMP template and rubric used, and to note it's a 1.5hr workshop with ILOs:<br><br>After attending the session attendees will be able to: <br>• explain what a data management plan is;<br>• summarise why a DMP is important;<br>• list data management elements to consider when writing a DMP;<br>• find further help and support.<br>