Winter 2018 ESIP Meeting session on Formulation of a White Paper on Earth Science Data Uncertainty

The Information Quality Cluster (IQC) conducted two sessions at the Summer 2017 ESIP Meeting on the topic of uncertainty as it relates to data and information quality. The first was a plenary session followed by the second, a break-out session. One of the key action items recommended during the break-out session was that a clear understanding of the concept of uncertainty, and its communication to users was essential, and that the IQC should develop a white paper on this topic. The purpose of this session in January 2018 (Winter ESIP Meeting) was to follow-up on that action with some further discussion leading to the formulation of such a white paper. The session consisted of a brief recapitulation of the outcomes from the summer meeting, presentations on statistical and scientific perspectives on uncertainty, subtopic breakouts and regrouping for formulation of the definition (both mathematical and conceptual) and recommended usages of uncertainty (crossing all Earth Science science disciplines and ranging from quantification to characterization) that will provide the foundation for the white paper and planning further actions. The presentations from the session are included here.