Winds and temperature observations from Munch Mast in Bjørvika (Oslo, Norway)

2018-05-15T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Pernille, Borander Fouilloux, Anne
<p>Measurements made from the Munch Mast in Bjørvika (Oslo, Norway)</p> <p>Naming convention for the input filename:</p> <p>YYMMDDHH</p> <p>where</p> <p>- YY is the year (two last digits only)<br> - MM is the month<br> - DD is the day<br> - HH is the time (24 hours time)</p> <p>For instance:<br> 18030102.TXT</p> <p>corresponds to data from the 1st March 2018 at 2am.</p> <p>Sensors have been placed at different locations and different heights:</p> <p>Temperature:<br> 12BE --> 2m<br> C67D --> 10m<br> 997B --> 30m<br> DB6E --> 50m<br> 27B0 --> 65m<br> Bf8E --> 75m</p> <p>Wind:<br> a --> 10m<br> b --> 30m<br> c --> 75m (to be removed because it is wrong).<br>  </p> <p><br> a  wind_speed (m/s)  wind_direction air_temperature (C) average_meridional_wind_speed average_zonal_wind_speed variable</p> <p>variable: Maximum gust wind in m/s since the last interrogation</p> <p>wind_direction: in degrees relative to a northward heading</p> <p> with the sign between each variables (such as a+1.4 or a-1.4)</p> <p>All data are raw data and to be usable the temperature needs to be corrected (to be retrieved to the raw value of the temperature):</p> <p>10m --> -6e-06T + 0.0623<br> 30m --> -0.0072T + 0.1849<br> 50m --> 0.0074T -0.2795<br> 65m --> 0.0037T -0.0429<br> 75m --> 0.0005T + 0.0609</p> <p>Tcorrected = T - Tcorrection</p>