Why Open Research Card Sheets

2016-10-25T13:30:41Z (GMT) by Erin McKiernan

These card sheets were created as educational resources by the 'Why Open Research?' project. Illustrations by John McKiernan. The cards are openly licensed, so feel free to share and reuse, as long as you credit the artist and our site. Some text on the cards is modifiable (using Adobe Pro) to allow for customized messages. Feedback and suggestions welcome, please email whyopenresearch[at]gmail[dot]com with comments. 

Note: Some of the pages to which these cards link are still under construction at 'Why Open Research?', please bear with us! Also, credit goes to Impact Story for motivating our "You're more than your impact factor" card (http://blog.impactstory.org/four-great-reasons-to-stop-caring-so-much-about-the-h-index/).