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Table S1 - What Is the Contribution of Two Genetic Variants Regulating VEGF Levels to Type 2 Diabetes Risk and to Microvascular Complications?

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posted on 06.02.2013 by Amélie Bonnefond, Pierre-Jean Saulnier, Maria G. Stathopoulou, Niels Grarup, Ndeye Coumba Ndiaye, Ronan Roussel, Mohsen Azimi Nezhad, Aurélie Dechaume, Olivier Lantieri, Serge Hercberg, Torsten Lauritzen, Beverley Balkau, Julia S. El-Sayed Moustafa, Torben Hansen, Oluf Pedersen, Philippe Froguel, Guillaume Charpentier, Michel Marre, Samy Hadjadj, Sophie Visvikis-Siest

Clinical characteristics of the population studies. Data are presented as mean ± standard deviation or median (interquartile range). NA, not applicable or not available; BMI, body mass index; HbA1c, glycated hemoglobin; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate using modification of diet in renal disease (MDRD) formula; ACR, urinary albumin/creatinine ratio; T2D, type 2 diabetes; D2NG, Diab2-Néphrogène; retino, case-control study for retinopathy risk; nephro, case-control study for nephropathy risk.