Wellcome Open Research - publication data year 1 (Nov 2016-Nov 2017)

2017-11-28T10:32:02Z (GMT) by Robert Kiley
<p>On November 15<sup>th</sup> 2017 we celebrated Wellcome Open Research first year of publishing (see more in the blog here: <a href="https://blog.wellcomeopenresearch.org/2017/11/16/wellcome-open-research-first-year-in-numbers/">https://blog.wellcomeopenresearch.org/2017/11/16/wellcome-open-research-first-year-in-numbers/</a>).</p><p><br></p> <p>As part of this annual milestone we created an infographic that highlighted some of the key numbers that represent our achievements to-date with regards to our authors, articles, publishing process and peer review.</p><p><br></p> This first dataset <i>only</i> includes information around the publishing process. It does not include the individual article data for authors or for the software and data repositories. This will be added in due course