Webinar: A Tale of Two Data Projects - Curation at the Qualitative Data Repository

2018-11-16T19:05:47Z (GMT) by Sebastian Karcher Dessi Kirilova
Slides for a webinar on November 7, 2018. Recording available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/4VtiUEtWSa0

Researchers are increasingly expected to share data and materials with the scholarly community. While there is a substantial history of sharing quantitative data, scholars are now also becoming more interested in making qualitative data accessible. QDR invites you to a webinar to demonstrate and discuss how curation facilitates the sharing of qualitative data. The webinar tells the story of two data projects deposited with QDR, from the initial contact between depositors and the repository, through a variety of curation steps, to their eventual publication. We highlight details of QDR’s close interaction with researchers during deposit, and discuss how, through the curation process, QDR helps scholars to address the challenges posed by sharing and publishing qualitative data. Data librarians and other data professionals will gain in-depth insight into the curation of qualitative data, the value added by specialized curation, and how organizations and researchers can benefit from working with QDR.

Sebastian Karcher, Associate Director, Qualitative Data Repository
Dessi Kirilova, Curation Specialist, Qualitative Data Repository