WMO STEWARDSHIP MATURITY MATRIX FOR CLIMATE DATA (SMM-CD) – Developed under the High Quality Global Data Management Framework for Climate

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations with 192 member states and territories. WMO provides the framework for international cooperation for the development of meteorology, climatology, and operational hydrology. WMO is committed to, and continues to, facilitate free and unrestricted exchange of meteorological and related data and information, products, and services.
The WMO Commission for Climatology (CCl) inter-programme initiative called High Quality Global Data Management Framework for Climate (HQ-GDMFC) aims at making use of high quality climate data needed for developing climate services for policy and decision making in a variety of applications. A key priority of HQ-GDMFC is to harmonise the definitions and processes and to develop a manual to guide collaborative entities on standards and best practices in the field of data management and stewardship.
The International Workshop on Information Management, which was convened by WMO CCl and CBS (Commission for Basic Systems), Geneva, Switzerland, in 2017, included a recommendation for a project plan for climate datasets and access. A key conclusion was that a concept of trusted datasets needs to be defined by a process endorsed by WMO. Datasets must meet standards defined by a maturity index approach. Based on these findings, an International Expert Group on Climate Data Modernisation (IEG-CDM) meeting was held at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) in De Bilt, Netherlands in 2018 to develop a climate data-specific version of the maturity model, to be used to assess the “trustworthiness” of climate datasets. Consequently the Stewardship Maturity Matrix for Climate Data Working Group within the IEG-CDM developed the WMO Stewardship Maturity Matrix for Climate Data (SMM-CD) self assessment tool. Subject Matter Experts can use this tool to evaluate 12 aspects, grouped in 4 categories, each scored from level 1 to 5 on the data stewardship of their dataset along with justifications. On this poster for each aspect the five level descriptions are provided. This provides users with information on the quality of the dataset and a measure of trustworthiness. As the first phase, 18 well-utilized global climate datasets identified by IEG-CDM have been assessed and the SMM-CD assessments are currently under review by the WMO CCL Expert-Team for Data Development and Stewardship.