Vividness of mental imagery questionairre (VVIQ)

2012-10-31T17:10:36Z (GMT) by Adnan Niazi
<address>This is a computer based Vividness of mental imagery questionairre (VVIQ) [1]. The VVIQ is designed in Millisecond Inquisit software so you will need to install Inquisit on the PC you want to run this IAT on. The VVIQ is immediately followed by a demographic questionnaire.</address><address> </address><address> </address><address> <a href="">Download VVIQ</a> </address><address> </address><address>References</address><address>[1]D F Marks. Visual imagery differences in the recall of pictures. British journal of psychology London England 1973, 64(1):17–24, 1973</address><address> </address><address>If you have any problems running this VVIQ, send me an email.</address>