Visualization of the World Color Survey webapp

This is a visualization tool for the world color survey using Python Mapper [MB]. 

The zip-file contains a full repository of the web application code, setup to unpack into a web server hierarchy starting with /var/www. It contains webpages with the visualization engine, datasets derived from the World Color Survey [WCS], a CGI script to glue the visualization engine to Python Mapper, and a copy of the Python Mapper code.

The whole setup depends on Python 2 (2.7 or later recommended), with the additional libraries colormath, scipy, numpy, matplotlib installed.


[MB] Daniel Müllner and Aravindakshan Babu, Python Mapper: An open-source toolchain for data exploration, analysis and visualization, 2013, URL

[WCS] Berlin, B., Maffi, L., Merrifield, W. R., & Cook, R. (2009). The world color survey. Stanford, California: CSLI Publications. 
Data accessed at