Visualising discourse: The Discourse of 3G (data) in 3D

2014-03-26T01:35:56Z (GMT) by Richard Ferrers
<p>The Kin files is a summary of 50,000 words of data analysed through Leximancer software, then processed through Pajek network analysis (free) software, and output as a Kinemage 'kinematic image', using JavaMage (95k) (free) software.</p> <p>The data itself is made up of two types of information - interviews, and media information. The interviews (about 37,000 words) are interviews of 3G innovator / analysts and consumers, and the media information (about 15,000 words) is news stories from newspapers, and the financial statements of Hutchison (the Australian vendor of 3G) and Hutchison Whampoa (their ultimate owner). This data was stored in four directories and Leximancer has produced a single data point summarising each directory - TG_CONSUMER, TG_MEDIA, TG_ANALYST, and TG_FINSTATE. Out on its own is Q: which were the questions asked in the interviews which are excluded from connecting with the data of the responses.</p>




CC BY 4.0