Virtual ChIP-seq predictions of binding of 36 transcription factor in Roadmap Epigenomics Project tissues

2018-10-10T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Mehran Karimzadeh Michael M. Hoffman
<p>This dataset contains predictions of Virtual ChIP-seq for binding of 36 transcription factors in Roadmap Epigenomics dataset tissues with matched DNase-seq and RNA-seq data.</p> <p>Tarball contains subfolders for each of the 36 TFs where Virtual ChIP-seq median MCC in validation cell types was > 0.3.</p> <p>Each subfolder contains gzipped BED files. Each file is named as ____Predictions.bed.gz. Columns correspond to Chromosome, Start, End, ___, Posterior probability</p> <p>You can use the posterior probabilities provided in Virchip_PosteriorCutoffs_V3.0.0.tsv. These are posterior probability cutoffs which maximized MCC in H1-hESC cell type, or are set to 0.4 if there was no ChIP-seq data of that TF in H1-hESC (0.4 is the mode of all optimal posterior probability cutoffs in H1-hESC).</p>