Video S1 - Temporal Beta Diversity from Drivers of temporal beta diversity of a benthic community in a seasonally hypoxic fjord

Time lapse of the transitional phases of the epibenthic community in seasonal hypoxia, Saanich Inlet. This time-lapse sequence was created from the still images and environmental collected from a 2012-2013 deployment of the DISCo camera platform of Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) - VENUS. The sequence shows the epibenthic community and environmental oxygen (mean ± range in ml L-1) in parallel with calculated indices of alpha diversity (H'ln) and beta diversity (LCBD, local contributions to beta diversity). Two time periods of high species turnover are the focus of this video: May and November 2012. In May, a mass migration of squat lobster Munida quadrispina drives compositional heterogeneity in the species assemblage. In November, severe hypoxia drives compositional heterogeneity by excluding most mobile megafauna and causing the emergence of macroinfauna such as callianasid shrimp Neotrypaea californiensis.