Validation of the regulatory activities of FMN, TPP riboswitches and a putative 5’-UTR regulatory candidate in different nutrient conditions.

The relative expression and average RNA-Seq coverage of SP_0178 (FMN) (A) and SP_0716 (TPP) (C) increases in poor (MCDM) medium compared to rich (SDMM) medium, potentially compensating for the depletion of the specific ligand. Error bars represent standard error of the mean. Expression of SP_0178 (FMN) (B) and SP_0716 (TPP) (D) is reduced when the poor medium is supplemented with respective ligands thus confirming the regulatory activities of FMN and TPP riboswitches. (FMN- Riboflavin; TPP- Thiamine). Expression is relative to the qPCR internal control and thus for instance an expression level of 0.5 means that the expression of tested gene is 50% of the expression of internal control. Error bars represent standard error of the mean across three technical replicates. SP_1782 encoding ribosomal protein L11 methyltransferase (E) decreases in poor media (MCDM) compared to rich media (SDMM).