VIVO: A Community-driven Research Information Management System

2017-08-17T14:42:17Z (GMT) by Muhammad Javed
VIVO is a community-driven open source software that creates a connected, integrated record of scholarly works ready for reporting, visualization and analysis. VIVO uses Linked Data model and in the core of this application is VIVO-ISF ontology – a data model used by many institutions around the world and thus makes the data interoperable.

In this presentation, we will discuss some of the history of VIVO project and question ourselves that “is VIVO a research data recording system only”? “Can VIVO be evolved in a research information management system where VIVO not only records the data but also provides aggregate views of the scholarship and scholarly work”. Can VIVO answer questions such as “who are the experts in what subject area” without having any manual input from faculty members? Can VIVO answer questions about internal and global collaborations for a specific academic unit? Can VIVO be used to collect impact evidences of a faculty member’s research for next grant application. We will discuss the opportunities and the challenges in the light of our work “Scholars@Cornell” at Cornell University Library.