Use of moxibustion as an auxiliary treatment in wound healing of the snake Eunectes murinus (anaconda): case report

2017-11-01T02:51:25Z (GMT) by V.C. Garcia C.V. Prado
<div><p>ABSTRACT Large snakes of the Boidae family, such as Eunectes murinus, require special techniques to facilitate their care when they are sick. Thus, an acupuncture technique called moxibustion was applied that utilizes burning of the weed Artemisia vulgaris for heating at specific points on the skin without handling the animals. The objective of this case report was to describe the use of moxibustion acupuncture as an auxiliary treatment for snakes. A female, 4.0 meters long and weighing about 30 kg, belonging to a Biological Museum of the Butantan Institute, showed symptoms of weight loss, anorexia and hyperemia in the ventral region. The snake was examined and treated with ciprofloxacin antibiotics and a month showed an area of necrosis that exposed the muscles in the dorsal cranial region. The female was treated with moxibustion and application of silver sulfadiazine cream at the site of the lesion. After seven months of treatment, the animal showed signs of good healing with complete wound closure. This technique of moxibustion could be easily applied without restraint, an important detail given the size of the snake, and with successful closure of the lesion.</p></div>