Usability vs. Purity: How UCSF and Duke Enabled Data Reuse by Going Beyond Linked Data

2016-08-29T02:03:15Z (GMT) by Richard Outten
Presenters: Julia Trimmer, Anirvan Chatterjee, Eric Meeks, Richard Outten and Brian Turner

Duke and UCSF have come up with ways to make their research networking platforms indispensable at their institutions, winning friends and allies, and strengthening the case for renewed funding. Others can do this too — but only if we retrofit VIVO, Profiles, and other platforms with simple data reuse mechanisms. In this session, we’ll talk about techniques for developers, traffic growth on downstream sites, and researcher engagement. We’ll look at examples of sites that consume VIVO and Profiles data and talk about what it’s like to share data across nearly 50 local websites and apps.