Urbanization bias I. Is it a negligible problem for global temperature estimates? - Supplementary Information

2014-04-23T20:00:06Z (GMT) by Ronan Connolly
<p>Supplementary information dataset for the following article:</p> <p>R. Connolly and M. Connolly (2014). <em>Urbanization bias I. Is it a negligible problem for global temperature estimates?</em> Open Peer Rev. J., 34 (Clim. Sci.), ver 0.1 (non peer-reviewed draft)</p> <p><strong>Abstract of article</strong></p> <p>Several studies have claimed that the warming bias introduced to global temperature estimates by urbanization bias is negligible. On the basis of this claim, none of the groups calculating global temperature estimates (except for NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies) correct for urbanization bias. However, in this article, by re-evaluating these studies individually, it was found that there was no justification for this.</p> <p>There is considerable evidence that there has been global warming since the late 1970s. The urbanization bias problem is sometimes incorrectly framed as being a question of whether there has recently been global warming or not. However, the recent warming appears to have followed a period of global cooling from an earlier warm period which ended in the 1940s. So, resolving the urbanization bias problem is necessary to address issues such as how the recent warm period compared to the early 20th century warm period. If the earlier warm period was comparable to the recent warm period, then claims that recent global temperature trends are unprecedented or unusual will need to be re-evaluated.</p>