Urban sustainability: recovery of rivers as one of the principles of green infrastructure

<p></p><p>Abstract This research presents an approach about the relationship between urban rivers and cities analysing the current situation of this resource that historically has been a structuring element of many Brazilian cities and is currently abandoned in most cases. Aiming to present a proposal of alternatives for the urban requalification of an urban river by implementing a green infrastructure, this paper develops a case study which focuses on the Passo Fundo river in the city of Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul State. The methodological procedure was structured in three stages: first, the data collection was carried out in the office and a stretch of the river was chosen to study it in more depth. In the second stage, the physical data were collected identifying the current situation of the river and its surroundings. In the third step, we established the urban river requalification guidelines. Finally, we used the guidelines in the case in order to ensure its viability, concluding that the strategies are in line with the new urban paradigm. Based on the research developed, it is indicated that these guidelines will be valid for similar cases of urban requalification of an urban river, which allows for the resumption of the rivers back to social conviviality and ecological balance.</p><p></p>