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Untitled ItemCSSI Framework: Software: Collaborative Research: CyberWater An open and sustainable framework for diverse data and model integration with provenance and access to HPC

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posted on 01.02.2020 by Yao Liang
To advance our fundamental understanding of the complex behaviors and interactions among the various Earth processes that are critical to the health, resilience and sustainability of water resources, scientists need to be able to use diverse data and integrate models outside their own disciplines with sufficient model accuracy and predictability. Currently, however, this is very difficult to accomplish: (1) a vast quantity of diverse data are not readily accessible to models; and (2) diverse models developed individually by different research groups are difficult to share and integrate cross disciplines. To address these critical challenges, we propose to develop an open and sustainable framework software in cyberinfrastructure (CI) that enables easy and incremental integration of diverse data and models for knowledge discovery and interdisciplinary team-work, and also enables reproducible computing and the seamless and on demand access to various HPC resources which are essential and desirable for communities. Our proposed project is fundamentally important and addresses urgent need in enabling new scientific advances for all water related issues.

The goal of this NSF funded multi-institution multi-discipline project is to build an open data, open modeling framework software - a new cyberinfrastructure called CyberWater. CyberWater will expedite the process for fundamental knowledge discoveries and significantly reduce the time and effort on the part of users. Not only does it ease the way to bring together diverse data and model integration, model testing/validations/comparisons, etc. while ensuring reproducible computing, CyberWater also enables access to HPC facilities on demand. Our proposed framework is based on scientific workflow.


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