Cooperation of preschool institutions with parents toward early childhood education


Preschool education, especially institutionalized preschool education, is exceptional for early childhood. In this context, cooperation with the parents is considered vital for children‟s education. Very often, parents are not aware of their fundamental role in their children‟s education and development, through different ways of cooperation. This research addresses the partnership between parents and preschool institutions (hereafter: PSI), and the relation of this partnership with factors such as communication, school environment, parents transferring their professional experience to children, and parents' access to preschool education curricula and policies, all of which serve to improving children‟s early education. The research is carried out through a quantitative approach with parents (N=60) and a qualitative approach with educators, examining the challenges and needs for the improvement of this cooperation, as well as the role and the opportunities of both parties towards the realization of a more effective cooperation.