University of Otago Open Access Publishing Survey Dataset

2016-11-17T20:54:39Z (GMT) by Richard White Melanie Remy
Dataset from the University of Otago survey of staff attitudes towards and publishing practices in open access.

CSV format, comma-delimited, Unicode (UTF-8)

* The full set of questions are availble in various formats in the Figshare collection for this project.
* The data in this file has been modified for public release to remove any potentially identifying information. Certain responses have been redacted and the [removed] inserted to indicate modification to preserve anonymity.
* Top row = question number
* Second row = question text
* Column A is a unique ResponseID generated by the software used (Qualtrics)
* Responses in this dataset are provided as text not codes
* Questions with multiple possible answers are presented as separate columns with the top row indicating this: Q10_1, Q10_2, ... Q10_9, Q10_OTHER_TEXT, etc.
* Send questions to