Universal Portrait/Landscape Tecan EVO One-Place MTP Carrier

.STL file for 3D Printing

Custom labware design:

Single position plate carrier with slots for pins corresponding to Tecan Freedom EVO deck, designed such that the center of the plate is at the same position in space with respect to the deck whether the carrier is positioned in a portrait or landscape orientation. The robotic manipulator arm (RoMa) can therefore access plates on this carrier in either orientation after being trained once.

Designed collaboratively by John Chodera, MSKCC; Nikki Aldeborgh, research technician in the Kayvan Keshari lab, MSKCC; Sonya Hanson, postdoctoral research fellow in Chodera Lab, MSKCC; and Julie Behr, CBM graduate student, during rotation in Chodera lab, MSKCC.