Unedited Gephi file - set of 44 dissertations on electronic literature 2002-2013 with links to creative works cited

2014-07-07T14:19:29Z (GMT) by Jill Walker Rettberg

This is the "clean", unedited Gephi file I used to visualise the conncetions between 44 dissertations about electronic literature and the creative works they cite. This file is perfect if you want to download it, load it into Gephi and try visualising the data yourself. I provide a tutorial here: http://jilltxt.net/?p=3730

For more information, see my paper in ebr: electronic book review: http://electronicbookreview.com/thread/electropoetics/analyzing

The data is from the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base (http://elmcip.net/category/publication-type/book-dissertation) and includes all dissertations published between 2002 and 2013 that we had registered in the Knowledge Base as of March 2014, with certain exceptions as explained in the full paper. A complete list of included dissertations can be found at the end of the paper. 

Because I did not initially export years of publication and titles from the Knowledge Base, only some of the creative works have publication year and title information.

This file is shared under a CC-BY licence (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).